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As the pioneer in automated environmental air freshening solutions, the success and popularity of API Associated Products and our well-known trademarks, Sani-Air International and California Scents Professional, are solidly based on a proven track record that spans more than 70-plus years. Today, we utilize advanced technologies to bring a whole host of new and exciting air freshening products to the scent marketing, hygiene and janitorial supply industries. We are proud of our loyal API employees and customers, and we are known and trusted by the pros to deliver effective results and reliable performance. That’s Fresh…done right.

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Why Do Companies Swear By Our Air Freshening Products?

We differ from other air freshener manufacturers because our innovative air-diffusion systems and fragrance oil refills are mostly geared to the needs of the ambient scenting, hygiene and janitorial supply industries, rather than end users, and our hand-crafted fragrances are all sustainable and proudly made in the good old US of A, as Archie Bunker used to say.

Our expertise is the result of one very simple axiom; namely, practice makes perfect. Advanced, top-of-the-line commercial air-care systems coupled with real time experience and cutting edge patented diffusion technologies merge to create products and services that are the best they have ever been. We can accomplish any desired olfactory goal that can be envisioned via our 85,000 square-foot manufacturing facility situated in suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Why Become A Distributor Of Our Air Freshener Products?

Are you an ambient scenting, hygiene or janitorial supply company providing air freshener services, but often find your current air care product supplier is not providing cutting edge, high performance products at competitive prices? Well, look no further, because with Sani-Air International you get all three. And if you need more convincing, here are 8 reasons to consider becoming a distributor of our products.

We Have The Most Advanced Scenting Equipment

We proudly boast our very own Fragrance Division, where our innovative laboratories equipped with a dedicated staff and the best tools in industrial science that money can buy are vanguards in high speed production capabilities, product development and the creation of all the original fragrance oils utilized in our many air fresheneing and odor control products.

Our teams are always pushing that proverbial envelope to surpass our competitors by discovering new avenues in scent production via extensive research and seamless collaboration with experts in the field. Explore our products below, place and order or if you're currently a scent marekting company or janitorial sanitation supplier, and you're looking for competitive prices on the best darn air diffusers in the marketpleace today, look no further!


Our Fragrance Repertoire Is An Envy Of The Industry

Known for years for our familiar signature fragrances, our master perfumers at Sani-Air International are always in the process of developing and introducing the latest and most current fragrance trends. From our Fresh Laundry, Aloe Blossom, Green Tea and Pumpkin Spicecake fragrance refills to our Verri Berry, Grape, Mango, Cinnanom and Van Cream ... whatever your liquid or dry vapor ambient scenting need, we've got you covered!

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