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7 Reasons To Switch To A Better Scent Marketing Supplier

Are you an ambient scenting, hygiene or janitorial supply company providing air freshener services or products, but often find your current air care supplier is not providing cutting edge, high performance products at competitive prices?

Well, look no further, Because the following provides an overview of Sani-Air International, a few relevant statistics within the scent marketing industries and 7 reasons to consider becoming a distributor of our products.

Who Is Sani-Air International?

API (Associated Products International) and its well-known trademarks, Sani-Air International  and California Scents Professional, have been known for well over seventy years. Our philosophy, work ethic and success are largely the result of their drive to always keep more than a few steps ahead of our competitors. This is based on our belief that we have only come as far as yesterday’s accomplishments have taken us.

We stand alone for a number of reasons, the most important of which is there are no limitations on our ability to accomplish any desired olfactory goal that can be envisioned, or on how much a hard-working Sani-Air distributor can earn.

Scent Marekting Hygiene Janitorial Supplier

Our fragrance development laboratories in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania are equipped with the best tools in industrial science that money can buy. These include: distillation, gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, headspace analysis, extraction and quality control technology, which collectively enables our unmatched ability to provide the most effective air freshening products and fragrance refills that function seamlessly together within commercial, institutional and industrial environments.

The first step to scent marketing distributorship success lies in selecting the right scent manufacturing company and products to represent, and this means doing your homework, which will inevitably lead to us. We are a company that stands out among others of its ilk, and have been the selected choice of a global portfolio of suppliers and scenting service providers.

For distributors and service companies, aligning oneself to Sani-Air International significantly reduces the risk of failure, as the pro-active entrepreneur would be dealing with a wonderful opportunity to thrive under the auspices of a company that has seventy-plus years of experience and a hard-earned reputation for providing superior, sustainable high performance products to scent-marketing suppliers, hygiene and janitorial supply industries.

Sani-Air Fragrance Refill Libary

Relevant Facts And Statistics

The connection between the Jan-San and scent marketing industries is that both have evolved to mean different things over the decades and have overlapped with each other. Jan San has expanded to include new areas of hygiene, food and security and a greater emphasis on effective restroom air care solutions.

One of the biggest common denominators between the two is the evolution of air freshening and odor control products. Jan San has thus been linked to heretofore unexpected aspects such as: customer loyalty, employee health and well-being and that all-important bottom line.

Scent Marekting Improves Customer Behavior

In the words of Mike Miller, Vice-President and General Merchandising Manager for US-based wholesale distributor, United Stationers: “The product category (Jan San) is a large and complex one to define…The traditional definition was any item used to clean, disinfect and sanitize a work setting including products that are related to the daily maintenance of that clean environment.

Personal hygiene and safety/security items are also included in the broader definition of Jan-San. The newer meaning has expanded in scope to include disposable food-service items, including coffee, but does not directly include other food and beverage items.”

The Janitorial Services industry has grown over the last few years in response to the increasing demand for commercial cleaning services. Latest statistics reveal $61 US billion annually with an estimate growth of 18-23% by the year, 2023. Rising corporate profits have led to increased expenditures for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Why Are We Your Best Air-Care Product Supplier?

Sani-Air International is an established company with well over seven decades of field testing, product refinements and development, which means that we provide the best performing products thus ensuring the distributors that represent and utilize our products outperform any competitors.

Our superior offerings allow for earning a lucrative living backed by a company with a flawless reputation. Products that will withstand the test of time are certain to generate repeat business, which is the mainstay of an effective customer base and solid financial security.

The following bulleted factors represent eight solid reasons why our current clients opt for Sani-Air International, and more importantly, seven reasons you should too!

1) We Have The Most Advanced Scent Delivery Equipment

Our manufacturing facility is conveniently situated in suburban Pittsburgh, PA and our innovative, state-of-the-art technologies are developed in laboratories equipped with a dedicated staff and the best tools that money can buy provide a continuing line-up of new and exciting products and systems to the scent marketing, hygiene and janitorial supply industries.

We are leaders in product development, fragrance manufacturing and performance testing, and we are always seeking new avenues in scent production via extensive research and seamless collaboration with other experts in the field.

2) We Have A Full-Service In-House Fragrance Creation Division

No scent marketing suppliers can match this claim, nor can they match our 70 plus years of fragrance manufacturing experience. We are the only manufacturer that can boast of a full service, in-house, fragrance creation division, which by its very existence demands seamless collaboration between all of the facets of scent production.

3) Our Fragrance Refills Are The Purest Of Quality

The essential oils and aroma materials that we source and blend are of the purest quality and meet the rigorous standards set forth by RIFM and IFRA. Explore our extensive repertoire of fragrance options!

4) Our Diffuser Systems and Fragrances Are Top-Of The-Line

Advanced, state-of-the-art commercial air-care systems paired with real time experience and cutting edge patented diffusion technologies merge to create products and services that are the best found anywhere within the modern marketplace.

Sani-Air International’s diffuser systems service an enormous international community of scent-marketing suppliers, hygiene and jan san companies. Some of our superior scenting machines are listed below. A few are adaptable to larger areas, while others are developed specifically for smaller commercial spaces. The most popular are listed below, but you can explore others here.

The API-2000 And Pro MasterMVP Dispensers

The API-2000 and the ProMaster MVP fan air-freshener dispensers and their accompanying liquid or solid no-spill fragrance refills are well-established products within the commercial air-care industry and are considered to be the most cost-efficient and cost efficient fan diffusers on the market. They are perfectly suited for effective scenting within restrooms, locker rooms, office buildings, reception areas and waiting rooms, just to name a few.

The ProMaster air freshener diffuser

Fragrance options include a vast array of popular choices such as Aloe Blossom, Garden Lavender, Holiday Home, Citrus Splash, Oceanside, Paradise Spa, Roasted Hazelnut Vanilla, Sierra Springs, Sandalwood Breeze, White Tea and Aloe and even our Smoke Away, which effectively eliminates tobacco smoke from any environment.

The Aroma Beam Diffuser

The Aroma Beam and the Scentsia line of refills represents one of the very best dry vapor diffuser systems, and its effectiveness is unmatched in commercial settings of up to 50,000 cubic feet. The no-spill refill cartridges effectively combat malodors and offer many diverse scent experiences that can be easily altered for holidays, seasons or special themes. These refill cartridges perfectly reflect Sani-Air’s eco-friendly attitude, since they are specifically designed for non-wasteful, perfect linear diffusion.

The Aroma Beam Air Diffuser

The Aroma Stylers HVAC Diffusers

The Aroma Styler is highly versatile and is available in three application sizes: the Gamma, the Beta and the Alpha. Cutting edge technology transforms liquid scent into dry, very fine particles (50 microns or less) that in turn create an invisible vapor that floats evenly across any large, open space.

Ideal for both large and small business environments, this system perfectly controls malodors and improves indoor air quality for settings like hotel lobbies, spa and wellness facilities, casino and gaming establishments among many others.

Aroma Styler HVAC Air Freshener Diffuser

The Aroma Styler features an easy connection to existing HVAC systems; immediate diffusion for long lasting results; a weekly programmable cycle control and an auto-operation mode. The atomizing diffuser fragrances customized for Aroma Stylers are comprised of the finest fragrance oils found anywhere in the world.

Their purpose is to evoke and inspire consumer emotions and moods and thereby encourage sales. Some of their many fragrance selections include: Barrel Aged Whiskey, Lemongrass and Sage, Fresh and Woody; Rain Shadow; Ocean Breeze; Sea Water; Miami Vibe; Citrus Vanilla; White Tea; Almond Biscotti; Restful Lavender; Apple Bake; Black Bamboo; White Tea and Fig; Twister Apple; Fresh Breeze; Clean Cotton; Tahitian Sunrise and Island Breeze.

5) Our Product Lines Help You Stand Out Over Competition

It is within our specialty to provide superior ambient scenting products for all enhanced scenting requirements, and having been a leading manufacturer for well over seven decades, no other scent market supplier provides such a diverse array of customized scenting options as our offerings.

Additionally, we cater to the specific needs of end-user odor control challenges. As far as odors are concerned, our advanced molecular odor neutralizing additives effectively eliminate tobacco smoke odors, pet-related odors, musty odors, urinal and toilet odors, trash room odors and many more, all of which can be connected with a customized uniform scent.

6) Our Current Clients Hail From All Over The World

We’re an internationally recognized manufacturer with a hard-earned reputation of the highest quality, reliability and performance. The current scent marketing, hygiene service and Jan Supply companies we provide products are always confident that we deliver the most dependable results possible every time.

While we are known all over the world, our name can also be found in most national and local business directories. So no matter where your business is located throughout the world, we’re a phone call, What’s App call, email and drop ship order away!

7) We Always Do Business With A Smile

Whether it’s our Customer Service Sales Manager, Mary Primrose (featured below), or our team members that work endlessly to meet the ongoing needs of our clients, we know our smile is our logo, and we always do everything with that spirit in mind.

Mary Primrose Sani-Air International

In Conclusion

Consider Sani-Air International as the best air freshener manufacturing product supplier. If you own or manage a scent marketing, hygiene service or jan san supply company, ask yourself if you are providing the most effective products possible to your customer base. If the answer isn’t a hundred percent clear, then make the switch to Sani-Air!

Contact our team today to find out more about how you can become a distributor of the best air freshener products in the market today!

Final thought on entrepreneurs: Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right! ~ Henry Ford

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