Trash Odor Control Products

How Our Odor Control Products Make Trash Smell Great!

Since the beginning of human civilization, trash has always been there and it has always smelled. As early as 3,000 BC in Knossos, Crete people dug holes to bury refuse, which they then covered with dirt. Modern civilization and technological innovations have greatly improved trash disposable methods, but eliminating its smell seems always to be a work in progress. The […]

Why Triple-Strength Metered Aerosols Are The Most Effective

There are an endless array of single strength aerosol products in the marketplace, but none compare to the performance of our triple-strength metered aerosols. The following are seven reasons why — They Provide Superior Instant Air-Freshening Performance They Provide 3 Times More Fragrance Than Other Brands Our Triple Strength Aerosols Offer Superior Value They Offer Automatic Bursts of Fragrance The […]

Eco friendly laundry detergents

Why Jan San Supply Houses Choose Sani-Air Products

Highly effective air freshening and odor control systems have increasingly become an integral part of the services supplied by Janitorial Companies the world over, and with that ever-growing relationship, Janitorial Supply Houses have increasingly looked to API Associated Products, and our popular product lines Sani-Air International and California Scents Professional, for the highest quality air freshening diffusers and most powerful fragrance refills …