Why Triple-Strength Metered Aerosols Are The Most Effective

There are an endless array of single strength aerosol products in the marketplace, but none compare to the performance of our triple-strength metered aerosols. The following are seven reasons why — They Provide Superior Instant Air-Freshening Performance They Provide 3 Times More Fragrance Than Other Brands Our Triple Strength Aerosols Offer Superior Value They Offer Automatic Bursts of Fragrance The […]

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Why Jan San Supply Houses Choose Sani-Air Products

Highly effective air freshening and odor control systems have increasingly become an integral part of the services supplied by Janitorial Companies the world over, and with that ever-growing relationship, Janitorial Supply Houses have increasingly looked to API Associated Products, and our popular product lines Sani-Air International and California Scents Professional, for the highest quality air freshening diffusers and most powerful fragrance refills …