Introducing Our Repertoire of Air Freshener Fragrances

Sani-Air International, with its long history of utilizing pure fragrance oils to create some of the industry’s most remarkable scents, is proud to be able to offer the Professional Service Provider such a large selection of fragrances. Having a variety of fragrances to choose from adds the opportunity to be creative and to correctly match the proper fragrance to your specific use.

We Are The Industry Choice For Quality Fragrance Refills

As you can see below, Sani-Air International offers the Professional Service Provider a wide variety of wonderful fragrances to choose from. With over 50 uniquely different fragrances in our collection of liquid refills, our customers have the ability to match the right product with their specific application. Delivering the experience of freshness through fragrance is an important part of promoting proper hygiene in public places.

To help you review our collection of fragrances, we have grouped them into three main categories – Blooms and Blossoms, Fruits and Flavors, and Cool and Calming. Delivering air care solutions that feature both quality and selection is Sani-Air International. That’s Fresh… done professionally.

Explore our extensive collection of carefully curated, delicately traced fragrance options below, each of which has been designed by our master perfumers to evoke a diverse array of ambient moods for every business environment.

New Fragrances Green Tea Pumpkin Spicecake Aloe Blossom

Blooms and Blossoms

Fragrance Strength Description Available In
#7 Strong Strong vanilla base with floral tones. Deodorant Squares
Bouquet Strong Pleasant fresh cut floral scent. Liquid and Deodorant Squares
Wild Muscadine Strong Refreshing fruit fragrance enhanced with a light floral sensation. Liquid
Country Gardens Medium Musky undertones with mixed floral fragrance. Liquid
Garden Lavender Medium Lovely floral bouquet, reminiscent of the countryside. Liquid and Deodorant Squares
Gardenia Medium Pleasant floral aroma scents, like a garden of aromatic flowers. Liquid and Deodorant Squares
Jasmine Medium Classy, sweet scented floral fragrance. Liquid and Deodorant Squares
Lavender Medium A sensual floral scent with just the right undertone of camphor. Liquid
Plumeria Medium Like the fresh picked bud itself, an exotic fresh fragrance. Liquid and Deodorant Squares
Sachet Medium Pleasant mix of florals for a strong, long-lasting fragrance. Deodorant Squares
Honeysuckle Mild Like a breath of spring time blossoms. Liquid

Fruits and Flavors

Fragrance Strength Description Available In
Apple Jack Strong Homemade apple pie aroma. Liquid
Bubblegum Strong Like a true bubble gum fragrance, sweet and long-lasting. Liquid
Cherry Strong Strong acting ripe cherry scent. Liquid and Deodorant Squares
Cinnamon Strong Warm, inviting cinnamon aroma. Liquid and Deodorant Squares
Cinnaspice Strong Cinnamon and spice and everything nice. Deodorant Squares
Citrus Blast Strong Fresh picked citrus blend. Liquid
French Vanilla Strong Rich, sweet true vanilla bean fragrance. Deodorant Squares
Fresh Cherry Strong Sweet, strong cherry-candy fragrance. Liquid
Fresh Citrus Strong Fresh peeled citrus fruit scent. Liquid
Fresh Lemon Strong Sweet lemon-drop aroma. Liquid
Grape Strong Sweet concord grape aroma. Deodorant Squares
Grape Burst Strong Bursting with sweetness, fresh and fruity. Liquid
Holiday Home Strong A hearty blend of apples and cinnamon. Liquid
Lemon Strong Lemon scent offering a totally clean fragrance. Liquid
Lemon Twist Strong Clean fruity lemon with extra zing. Liquid
Mango Strong Charming tropical fruit aromas. Liquid and Deodorant Squares
Mulberry Strong Strong, consistent, long-lasting berry fragrance. Liquid and Deodorant Squares
Orange Strong Crisp scent of fresh peeled oranges. Liquid
Sunny Delite Strong Clean, crisp citrus aromas. Liquid
Tropical Fruit Strong Delightful mixture of fruit & berries. Liquid
Tropicana Strong Tantalizing mixed tropical fruit fragrances. Liquid and Deodorant Squares
Van-Cream Strong Vanilla bean fragrance with a splash of cream. Deodorant Squares
Verri Berry Strong Blend of berries with a sweet grape finish. Liquid and Deodorant Squares
Cranberry Medium Freshly picked strong cranberry aroma. Not too tart; not too sweet. Liquid
Fall Harvest Medium Pumpkin spice blend of goodness. Liquid
Grapefruit Medium Tangy, citrus juicy fresh picked grapefruit fragrance. Liquid and Deodorant Squares
Hollyberry Medium Deep plump berries and spices. Liquid
Honey Medium The smell of sweet, fresh honey right out of the jar. Deodorant Squares
Key Lime Medium Sweet citrus fruit smell, refreshing and zingy. Liquid
Melon Medium Fresh slightly sweet scent. Reminder of a summer fruit salad. Liquid
Pina Colada Medium Exotic blend of pineapple and coconut. Liquid
Pineappple Medium Zesty delightful pineapple fruit aromas. Liquid
Raspberry Medium Exemplifies the perfect, plump, delicious, sun-ripened raspberries. Liquid and Deodorant Squares
Strawberry Medium Savory “just picked” sweet strawberries. Liquid and Deodorant Squares
Strawberry & Cream Medium Plump, juicy strawberries with a hint of cream. Deodorant Squares
Vanilla Mist Medium Pleasant, crisp vanilla aroma. Liquid
Green Apple Mild Mild, very appealing green apple fragrance. Liquid

Cool and Calming

Fragrance Strength Description Available In
Aloe blossom Strong Fresh, cool, sea breeze scent with a hint of herbs. Liquid and Deodorant Squares
Cool Breeze Strong Refreshing clean scent – fresh linen aroma. Liquid
Fresh Laundry Strong Clean, strong, long-lasting airy aroma. Liquid
Pine Strong Invigorating reminder of a pine forest. Liquid
Raine Strong Strong, clean scent that creates a “Raine” atmosphere. Liquid and Deodorant Squares
Sierra Springs Strong Refreshing, cool, consistent outdoor fragrance. Deodorant Squares
Springtime Strong Long-lasting fresh and clean fragrance. Deodorant Squares
Wintermint Strong Enchanting, strong minty fragrance. Liquid
Woodlands Strong Strong invigorating reminder of the outdoors. Liquid
Zero Strong Special combination of scents provide a strong, clean fragrance. Liquid
Baby Powder Medium Fresh, soft and pleasant baby powder scent. Liquid
Charm Medium Delightfully soothing, pleasant mild perfume scent. Liquid and Deodorant Squares
Herbal Medium Very calming aroma of a fresh herb garden. Deodorant Squares
Mountain Aire Medium Cool country fresh fragrance. Liquid
Ocean Wave Medium Light and airy reminder of the beach. Liquid
Paradise Spa Medium Soothing eucalyptus, sense of relaxation Liquid and Deodorant Squares
Peppermint Medium Refreshing minty fragrance just like a candy cane. Liquid
Polo Medium Fresh, masculine cologne scent. Liquid
Spearmint Medium Soothing, strong mint fragrance. Liquid
Spice Medium Mixed spice scent with a masculine cologne appeal. Liquid and Deodorant Squares
Wassail Medium Orange, cinnamon, clove like a hot spiced punch. Liquid
C5 Medium Fresh, feminine perfume scent. Liquid