Why Choose Us As Your Air Freshener Supply Company?

We Are Built on Decades of Industry Experience!

As the pioneer in automated environmental air freshening and odor neutralizing solutions, API Associated Products, and our well-know product lines, Sani-Air International and California Scents Professional, is solidly based on a proven track record that spans more than 70 years. Today, we utilize the most advanced technologies to bring a vast array of new and exciting systems and fragrance oil refills to the ambient scenting, janitorial and sanitation industries. We are known and trusted by professional service providers the world over to deliver the most effective and reliable results. That’s Fresh … done professionally.

Our Air Care Products Are Proven, Tested & Cost-Effective

The Sani-Air and California Scents Professional lines of high quality air freshening systems, refills and odor controlling products, have earned a reputation in the market for superior reliability. Our products and systems are trusted by the pros and their end customers to do the job, day in and day out. With "Sani-Air" and "Cal-Scents" you have the best of both worlds — air freshening systems that perform at the most cost-effective prices in the industry. Place an order.

Why Are We The Best At Air-Care and Odor Control?

There are many reasons we are the best ambient air care and odor control company, not the least of which is our proven track record of continued reliability to all customers, generations of loyal familar staff that our clients have grown to trust and appreciate, along with a hard-earned market reputation for providing superior products.

Our innovative, state-of-the-art technologies provide a continuing line-up of new and exciting high-quality products and systems to the janitorial and sanitation industries. Another positive factor concerns our prices, which are the most cost effective available anywhere within the ambient air care industry.

Our philosophy, work ethic and success are largely the result of an intangible force that always keeps us heads above our competitors. This is based on our fundamental belief that we have only come as far as yesterday’s accomplishments have taken us, and tomorrow and thereafter, our goals must be set even higher.

We Have The Most Advanced Scenting Equipment

We proudly boast our very own Fragrance Division where our innovative, laboratories equipped with a dedicated staff and the best tools in industrial science that money can buy are vanguards in high speed production capabilities, product development and the creation of all the original fragrance oils utilized in our products.

Our product development team, chemists and full-scale perfumery and quality control staff members are always pushing that proverbial envelope to surpass our competitors by discovering new avenues in scent production via extensive research and seamless collaboration with experts in the field.

Our Clientele Hail From All Over The World

Professional scent marketing suppliers and jan san companies from all over the globe know and trust that Sani-Air International will always deliver the best results. Our company reputation has successfully spread via the far reach of tele-communications and high tech computer technology.

Today, we are internationally recognized as experts in the development of air-freshener and odor-control systems, but our name can also be found in most local business directories, including the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce.

Our Sustainable Promise To Our Client’s

Long before it became fashionable, we were a supporter of eco-friendly solutions to save our planet for future generations. Our approach is and always has been focused on cutting edge, strategic and energy-saving solutions. The American made API 2000 and Sani-Air refill cartridges perfectly illustrate our sustainable approach, since they are designed for non-wasteful, perfect linear diffusion and they function without timers. This means no setting and reseting is ever necessary.

Proud Affiliations And Company Associations

They say one is always judged by the company one keeps, and the same is true of commercial enterprises. We are aligned with many of the leaders in the janitorial and sanitation industries. Some important primary alliances sustained for many years concern the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM), the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), Oregon Tilth, and the National Products Association.

RIFM is the international scientific authority for the safe use of fragrance materials. Headquartered in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, RIFM generates, evaluates and distributes scientific data concerning the safety assessment of the fragranced raw materials that are found in personal and household care products.

ISSA, was founded in 1923 and dedicated to the principle of “changing the way the world views clean.” Boasting more than 6,000 members organizations encompassing manufacturers, building service contractors and in house cleaning professionals, they are based in Northbrook, Illinois, with regional offices in Europe, Mexico and China.

Oregon Tilth and the National Products Association are two other proud Sani-Air affiliations. The former was founded in Spokane, Washington in 1974 as a fringe movement concerning equitable and sustainable food and agriculture that has become a leader and educator focused on redefining our $992 billion food system. The latter is situated in Washington, D.C. and is also known as NPA. It is the largest and oldest non-profit organization representing the interests of manufacturers and retailers of the natural products industry, which encompasses organic and health foods, dietary supplements, natural ingredient cosmetics, and other similar products.

We are a forceful leader when it comes to providing effective ambient scenting and accomplishing any specific olfactory goal. Our vast roster of fragrances are focused on evoking consumer moods and emotions that will work, no matter what the setting or branding need. Explore our many fragrances and diffusers, or call our teams today to ensure that your scent-marketing clients will be able to reinforce their brands and create welcoming experiences.

Explore our products, place and order or if you're currently a scent marekting company or janitorial sanitiator supplier, and you're looking for competitive prices on the best air diffuers and fagrance refills in the marketpleace today, look no further! Just call 800-243-5689 or 412-486-2256 and speak with our team today!

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Our API-2000 Air Freshener Diffuser

The API-2000 air freshener dispenser and Sani-Air liquid fragrance refills are both well known for their established track record of performance in the commercial air freshening industry. The full family of Sani-Air liquid and solid fragrances have been proudly manufactured in the USA dating back to 1950.

Sani-Air International Headquarters

Our 85,000 sq. ft. streamlined manufacturing facility in O’Hara Township , Pennsylvania, complete with state-of-the-art in-house perfumery laboratories which produce upcoming new product development and all of the original signature fragrance oils used in our Sani-Air products. High-speed production capabilities and our long-time dedicated staff ensure your continued confidence in the Sani-Air stellar product lines. Explore our diffusers.

Sani-Air Fragrance Creation Division

Whatever mood you hope to invoke with ambient scent, we’ve taken well over seven decades of experience and carefully curated a repertoire of proven fragrances that can accomplish any olfactory goal you hope to achieve. Enable your scent marekting clietns to create a welcoming expeirience, reinforce their brand and touch their clients at the point most closely related to emotion and memory — the sense of smell. Explore our fragrances.

Sani-Air International Manufacturing Floor