Our Sani-Air Family of Liquid Air Freshener Refills

  • Perfect for larger areas
  • Used within the API-2000, ProMaster MVP or other fan dispeners
  • Use with Electric/Battery paper wicks
  • Industry leader with over 70 years of reliability

Available in a Variety of Sizes

Sani-Air Liquid Refills are available in 3.5 oz. and 4.5 oz. cans, quarts and gallons. When placing orders, please indicate the appropriate item number for the refill size desired.

Units per case:
3.5 oz: 48
4.5 oz: 48
Quarts: 12
Gallons: 4

With over 50 uniquely different fragrances in our collection of Liquid Refills, our customers have the ability to match the right product to their specific application. Delivering the experience of freshness through fragrance is an important part of promoting proper hygiene in public places. Sani-Air International gives you the tools.

Sani-Air 3.5 oz. Liquid Refill Canisters
Description: Electric/Battery Liquid Refills
Units per master case: 48
Master case dimensions: 15″D x 10″W x 6.25″H
Master case weight: 12.00 lbs.

Sani-Air 4.5 oz. Liquid Refill Canisters
Description: Electric/Battery Liquid Refills
Units per master case: 48
Master case dimensions: 15″D x 10″W x 6.25″H
Master case weight: 15.00 lbs.

Sani-Air Liquid Quart Refills
Description: Electric/Battery Liquid Refills
Units per master case: 12
Master case dimensions: 13.5″D x 10.75″W x 10.00″H
Master case weight: 26.00 lbs.

Sani-Air Liquid Gallon Refills
Description: Electric/Battery Liquid Refills
Units per master case: 4
Master case dimensions: 12.75″D x 12.75″W x 12.75″H
Master case weight: 32.00 lbs.

Refill Fragrance Selection

Fragrance 3.5 oz 4.5 oz Quart Gallon
Aloe Blossom E300995500 E301051400 E301069100 E301059700
Apple Jack E300995600 E301051500 E301069200 E301059800
Baby Powder E300995700 E301051600 E301069300 E301059900
Bouquet E300995800 E301051700 E301069300 E301060000
Bubble Gum E300995900 E301051800 E301069500 E301060100
C5 E300996000 E301051900 E301069600 E301060200
Charm E300996100 E301052000 E301069700 E301060300
Cherry E300996200 E301052100 E301069800 E301060400
Cinnamon E300996200 E301052100 E301069800 E301060400
Citrus Blast E301050400 E301056300 E301074000 E301064600
Cool Breeze E300996400 E301052300 E301070000 E301060600
Country Gardens E300996500 E301052400 E301070100 E301060700
Cranberry E301050800 E301057200 E301075000 E301058600
Fall Harvest E300996600 E301052500 E301070200 E301060800
Fresh Cherry E300996700 E301052600 E301070300 E301060900
Fresh Citrus E300996800 E301052700 E301070400 E301061000
Fresh Laundry E301050500 E301056500 E301074200 E301064800
Fresh Lemon * E300996900 E301052800 E301070500 E301061100
Garden Lavender E300995200 E301051100 E301068800 E301059400
Gardenia E300997000 E301052900 E301070600 E301061200
Grape Burst E300997100 E301053000 E301070700 E301061300
Grapefruit E300997200 E301053100 E301070800 E301061400
Green Apple E300997300 E301053200 E301070900 E301061500
Holiday Home E301050900 E301057300 E301075100 E301058700
Jasmine E300997500 E301053400 E301071100 E301061700
Lavender E301050300 E301056200 E301073900 E301064500
Lemon E300997600 E301053500 E301071200 E301061800
Lemon Twist * E300997700 E301053600 E301071300 E301061900
Mango E300997800 E301053700 E301071400 E301062000
Melon E300997900 E301053800 E301071500 E301062100
Mountain Aire E300998000 E301053900 E301071600 E301062200
Mulberry E300998100 E301054000 E301071700 E301062300
Oceanside E301616700 E301617200 E301617400
Ocean Wave E300998200 E301054100 E301071800 E301062400
Orange E300998300 E301054200 E301071800 E301062400
Paradise Spa E300995300 E301051200 E301068900 E301059500
Peppermint * E300998400 E301054300 E301072000 E301062600
Pina Colada E300998500 E301054400 E301072100 E301062700
Pine E300998600 E301054500 E301072200 E301062800
Pineapple E300998700 E301054600 E301072300 E301062900
Pineapple Dragonfruit E301050600 E301056900 E301074800 E301064900
Plumeria E300995400 E301051300 E301069000 E301059600
Polo E300998800 E301054700 E301072400 E301063000
Raine E300998900 E301054800 E301072400 E301063100
Raspberry E300999000 E301054900 E301072600 E301063200
Raspberry Lemonade E301050700 E301057000 E301074900 E301065000
Spearmint * E300999100 E301055000 E301072700 E301063300
Spice E300999200 E301055100 E301072800 E301063400
Strawberry E300999300 E301055200 E301072900 E301063500
Sunny Delight E300999400 E301055300 E301073000 E301063600
Sunny Delight E300999400 E301055300 E301073000 E301063600
Sweet Berry E301616700 E301617100 E301617300
Tangerine E300999500 E301055400 E301073100 E301063700
Tropical Fruit E300999600 E301055500 E301073200 E301063800
Tropicana E300999700 E301055600 E301073300 E301063900
Vanilla Mist E300999800 E301055700 E301073400 E301064000
Verri Berry E300995100 E301051000 E301068700 E301059300
Wassail E301057500 E301075300 E301058900
Wild Muscadine E300999900 E301055800 E301073500 E301064100
Wintermint * E301050000 E301055900 E301073600 E301064200
Woodlands E301050100 E301056000 E301073700 E301064300
Zero E301050200 E301056100 E301073800 E301064400

*Premium Fragrances (price adjusted accordingly).