California Scents Professional

Built on Decades of Industry Experience

It has been our pleasure to serve the janitorial and sanitation industry for more than 65 years. Over that time we have gained a ‘real world’ understanding of the demanding challenges facing the Professional Service Provider. Today, California Scents Professional is developing and delivering professional air care solutions especially designed to perform effectively and reliably for all types of commercial applications. California Scents Professional’s air care solutions continue to be built on the same high quality standards established years ago by our well known API and Sani-Air product lines.

Product Selection

Proven, Tested, and Cost-Effective

The California Scents Professional line of high quality air freshening systems, refills, and odor controlling products, have earned a reputation in the market for superior reliability. Our products are trusted by the pros to do the job, day in and day out. With California Scents Professional you have the best of both worlds, air freshening systems that perform and that are also cost-effective! That’s Fresh… done professionally.

The API-2000 dispenser and Sani-Air liquid fragrance refill are both well known for their established track record of performance in the commercial air freshening industry. The full family of Sani-Air liquid and solid fragrances have been proudly manufactured in the USA dating back to 1950.

Sani-Air International Headquarters

Our 85,000 sq. ft. streamlined manufacturing facility in O’Hara Township , Pennsylvania, complete with state-of-the-art in-house perfumery laboratories which produce upcoming new product development and all of the original signature fragrance oils used in our Sani-Air products. High-speed production capabilities and our long-time dedicated staff ensures your continued confidence in the Sani-Air stellar product lines.

Sani-Air Fragrance Creation Division

Whatever the mood you hope to invoke with ambient scent, we’ve taken well over seven decades of experience and carefully curated a repertoire of proven fragrances that can accomplish any olfactory goal you hope to achieve.