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Why Sheetz Is The Best Smelling Convenience Store Chain

Believe it or not, the convenience store in America has a rich and colorful history that dates back to 1927 when the Southland Ice Dock Company’s Uncle Johnny was established by owner, Jefferson Green, in Dallas, Texas.

Like many things in life, it evolved out of necessity (the mother of invention, as they say) when local grocery stores closed and Green realized that both he and his neighbors needed to buy staples like bread, milk and eggs.

He soon stocked these items in his ice shop, which rather quickly became a mini food mart that stayed open late. This made shopping very convenient for people with busy schedules and probably inspired the name, which in this case was eventually officially changed to 7-Eleven.

The convenience store experienced a surge in growth in the years following World War II. For many, the cost of running a small store was both manageable and within reach of the American dream of success.

Throughout the 1950s, these Mom-and-Pop marts provided needed resources including: coffee, cigarettes, food-to-go and gas to accommodate a growing suburban population with families who owned more cars and lived further away from grocery stores and shopping centers.

Sheetz Convenience Store Coffee

What Exactly Is Sheetz?

In keeping with the surge of convenience store popularity, Bob Sheetz founded this company in 1952 when he purchased one of his father’s five dairy stores, which were located in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

This family-owned and run convenience store chain has been in continuous operation ever since, serving the needs of its mobile, busy clientele for more almost  seven decades.

Life is even busier and more complex now than it has ever been, and  this chain of convenience stores and coffee shops has accommodated the needs of the changing times by offering a mix of custom food, beverages and convenience store items. Many, but not all of them sell  gasoline as well.

Sheetz Bathroom Air Fresheners

This convenience store chain is a hub that accommodates the needs of anyone and everyone on the go 24/7/365, including Christmas Day. Whether the immediate need is to refuel the car or refresh the body, Sheeetz has what is needed the instant it is required and keeps patrons moving and onto the next thing on their agenda, whatever it may be.

The powers-that-be are always looking ahead and reinventing themselves with an eye on both improvement and a future, which may alter the industry landscape so radically that their own business might well become an anachronism.

Sheets Fast And Friendly Company Mission

Sheetz is focussed on providing fast, friendly service and quality products in clean and convenient locations. Innovations and advances in technology have redefined the concept of getting quality food at a convenience store, and Sheetz has introduced to its loyal customer base special features and own brand of items like: touchscreen ordering, a unique blend of coffee and various bakery products.

Their employees are known throughout the communities they serve, and they are dedicated and committed to Total Customer Focus (TCF). They connect with their neighbors via various charitable organizations such as Special Olympics and other youth sports groups.

A Few Relevant Statistics

Cleanliness at convenience stores significantly impacts consumers’ ratings and foot traffic across the United States.

According to Frank Beard, convenience store and retail trends analyst:”Convenience retailers are essential businesses during times of crisis, but COVID-19 is bringing consumers to the stores with new questions and concerns, such as: Is it safe to touch the pump handles? and When was the last time the store was cleaned and disinfected?

During the first quarter of 2020, gas stations with above-average cleanliness ratings drove 17.23 % more visits than their below-average competitors.

Why Convenience Stores Need Effective Air-Fresheners

The steady stream of foot traffic in a convenience store setting makes it mandatory for restrooms to be clean and fresh at all times. This requires superior air-freshening and odor-control products and methods to apply them despite never closing its doors to the public.

Sheetz Air Fresheners

Customers might not remember what they bought in a particular convenience store they passed along the way, but they will never forget a bathroom that is poorly maintained. Sheetz management understands that there is never a second chance to make that first impression.

This is where Sani-Air International becomes the cornerstone of the concept known as customer satisfaction.

What Is Sani-Air International?

Over the course of the last 65 years, Sani-Air International has had a few other monikers. We have also been known as API Associated Products and California Scents Professional.

Our philosophy, work ethic and success are the result of our sustained drive to always keep far ahead of our competitors. This is based on our belief that we have only come as far as yesterday’s accomplishments have taken us.

Why Are We The Best Air-Care and Odor Control Company?

Our hand-crafted fragrances are all sustainable and our popular API 2000 dispenser is made in the USA. Our expertise is the result of one very simple axiom; namely, practice makes perfect.

Advanced, top-of-the-line commercial air-care systems coupled with real time experience and cutting edge patented diffusion technologies fuse to develop products and services that are the best they have ever been.

Fragrâncias poderosas Ambient Scent

We are equipped to accomplish the desired olfactory goal of any commercial enterprise via our 85,000 square-foot manufacturing facility situated in suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and includes the best tools in industrial science that money can buy.

These include: distillation, gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, headspace analysis, extraction and quality control technology.

Sheetz and Sani-Air Services

Sheetz and Sani-Air Service have been a very successful business combination for decades, not only because of our superior ambient air care and odor control products, but also because of of our proven track record of continued reliability. Our prices too, are the most cost effective available anywhere within the ambient air care sector.

Convenice Store Air Freshener

Popular Sani-Air Fragrances For Convenience Stores

The following are some of our favorite and highly effective scents that convenience stores, and Sheetz in particular, often rely on to enhance their environments and create a fresh, clean, familiar ambience that Sheetz loyal clientele have grown accustomed to and expect. Many of the following fragrances are switched out monthly in order to prevent a phenomenon known as consumer “nose blindness.”

Apple Jack

With a name that dates back to colonial times and relates to a type of apple brandy that was made via the process of freeze distillation or “jacking,” this captivating aroma features spicy elements of clove, cinnamon stick, vanilla, apple cider and menthol. Nothing in the world whispers “homemade apple pie in the oven” better than this flavorful amalgam.


Cherries are always associated with pleasing, tasty things, like ice cream sundaes and colorful fruit cups. This aromatic fragrance covers them all, featuring flavorful notes of fruity, sweet, tart and bitter almond nuances, powdery violet and sugary, cozy and comforting vanilla.


This spice, which grows in Sri Lanka and southern India, has a rich past dating back to biblical times, when it was used both as a perfume in anointing oil and for scenting beds. The Egyptians used it in their embalming regimen and the Romans loved and respected its enticing aroma. Cozy, fruity and spicy, cinnamon adds a unique layer of fragrant charm to the idea of “home and hearth.”

Fall Harvest

Reaping and sowing, harvest time, colorful falling leaves and autumnal chills in the air are concepts that vividly come to life in this fragrance dominated by notes of pumpkin pie spice with all of its tones of fresh-picked pumpkin, buttery crust, and a hint of piquancy.

Fresh Citrus

Nothing suggests cleanliness and freshness more than citrus based fragrances. Fruity, crisp and uplifting, citrus works best for brands seeking to convey a high-energy store environment such as that found every day in a convenience store.

Fresh Lemon

This exhilarating fragrance that is so reminiscent of lemon drop candies is marked by sparkling, invigorating lemon, succulent, mandarin orange, and creamy, sugary magnolia blossom and woody, green and earthy musk.

Grape Burst

Fruity, bright and sugary, this energetic fragrance is dominated by the aroma of fresh, plump and succulent grapes. This scent is evocative of feelings of vigor and warmth. 

Holiday Home

Nothing denotes the holiday season and the comforts of home, family and friends like the alluring aroma of scrumptious goodies baking in a family oven. This fragrance, which features elements of warm, inviting and spicy cinnamon fused with crisp, green and fresh apples, is an irresistible combination destined to render feelings of good will and amity.


Haunting and intensely exotic, this classic fragrance has a memorable character all its own, and a history of usage dating back to ancient times. 

Unforgettable, sweet and intoxicating, jasmine appeals to both sexes and is found in the world’s mast famous perfumes. such as Chanel #5. When used in a convenience store setting, jasmine can influence impulsive sales, consumer mood and product perception.

Laundry Fresh

This unique fragrance conjures images of the simpler aspects of everyday life such as clothing swaying gently on a line in a soft summer breeze. Its essence is created by elements of clean cotton, cool water., floral and powdery violet and musky driftwood.


The mulberry bush has a haunting allure marked by its cultural connotation with the iconic nursery rhyme, Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush. It packs a significant olfactory wallop with its blend of delightful aromas. Fruity, berry, woody and floral elements define this complex fragrance that is further characterized by a base note of dark, rich, warm and sugary vanilla musk.


This complex berry scent is particularly appealing when used in romantic and particularly feminine fragrances. Dominated by savory, juicy, sugary and piquant elements that trigger an olfactory visit to a spring time stroll through a field of fresh strawberries, this scent almost perfectly mimics its berry. taste.

Our Two Most Popular Fan Air Freshener Dispensers 

The API 2000 Electric Air Freshener Diffuser

Ideal for any commercial interior space, this electric fan air freshener dispenser is renown for its superior performance and reliability. It is easy to install and service and is the most cost-effective fan diffuser in the modern market place.

API-2000 Air Freshener Dispenser

Its attractive, contemporary design is available in four colors: almond, black, gray or white. It comes with power options or either a dc 1.5 volt battery, which provides some 6,000 cubic feet of performance, or an electrically powered 110-ac volt which boasts up to 7,500 cubic feet of continuous, even fragrance.

The Pro Master MVP Battery Fan-Operated Dispenser

The deluxe design of this fan-operated dispenser provides efficient and continuous odor control for interiors up to 4,000 cubic feet. Easy to install, mount and service, the three-sided venting on this dispenser allows for maximum coverage of any designated space and is ideal for commercial restrooms, public and service areas.

The ProMaster air freshener diffuser

Create A Custom Scent Program For Your Operation

The convenience store is here to stay albeit the future is likely to bring heretofore unexpected alterations in both products and services.

If you are a manager of a convenience store that is either part of chain or stands alone, or you’re an air freshening scent marketing company that provides service, contact our team at (800) 243-5689 and consider a custom scenting/odor control program using our many available scents to improve traffic stream and bottom line.

Signature fragrances, branded dispensers with logos, etc.

New customers as well as repeat visitors are the bulwark of this type commercial enterprise and ambient scenting is a valuable tool in keeping them happy while they shop for what they need. For Sani-Air Service nationwide, submit an inquiry or contact us at 412-486-2256 or (800) 243-5689.

Final thought on convenience stores: Like the best convenience store in there world, the mind is always open. ~ Leza Lowitz

Photo Credits: Jonas Neilson

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