Hotel Lobby Ambient Scents

Hotel Lobby Scents – 5 Fragrances That Transform Interiors

Which hotel lobby scents have the ability to transform the entrances of hotels, motels, resorts and other hospitality environments? The quick answer is Aloe Blossom, Laundry Fresh, Fresh Raine and Tropicana.

But what notes make up each of these irresistible, delicately-traced fragrances, and how do they enhance the experiences, impressions and bottom lines of the hotel lodging industry?

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Hotel Lobby Scents

Hotels and motels represent homes away from home and their success in generating return traffic depends upon how well they convey that specific experience.

Even a golden toilet or silken towels will not evoke a sense of luxury in a hotel bathroom if the accompanying fragrance does not complement such a feeling.

Smell is the key that opens the door to human emotion and memory. 

Top luxury hotel chains as well as moderately priced motels rely on fragrance to brand themselves and affect customer perception. 

A carefully selected aroma triggers an emotional response, which in turn creates a subliminal link between the smell and the location.

For every hotel or motel space, there must be a scent objective if the aroma is to have an effect on the guests who experience it.

Motel Lobby Scents

For examples, lobbies are where first impressions are made and permanently molded into the overall guest experience.

In order for it to be potent, the chosen fragrance should have a dual purpose; namely, to enhance the hotel or motel’s brand as well as the guest’s encounter with it. 

Fragrance must also complement the design and decor of a hotel or motel.

You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression

The strategic placement of aroma in a hotel or motel has the power to make or break its success as a purveyor of hospitality services.

That said, the link between a brand and a distinctively crafted scent is no easy task. 

Hotel and motel fragrances have become so enmeshed in visitor experiences that many of them have become perfume lines in their own right.

Hotel Ambient Fragrances

Signature scents for lobbies and other public areas such as elevator areas, hallways, foyers, public restrooms and locker rooms are becoming more and more popular. Two notable examples are the Jade and Quin Hotels in New York City. 

The Jade uses a subtle blend featuring heavy woody notes, leather and tobacco. These elements subtly mingle with bergamot, fresh herbs and tinges of clove. 

The Quin Hotel is known for its signature scent that is marked by clean fresh linen and spicy floral cashmere.

The human sense of smell is the second most influential after vision, and fragrance provides a bridge to memory that lingers in the sub-conscious, only to be recalled at a later time and, hopefully, lure travelers back to experience anew.

5 Benefits Ambient Scent Provides Hotels Experiences

Scent Creates A Positive First Impression To Travelers

First impressions are more than just split seconds frozen in time, as their after effects can last indefinitely. 

In the case of hotels or motels, this aspect alone predefines a traveler’s total experience. 

This is due to a phenomenon known as the primacy effect, which concerns the power of the first thing experienced in a particular sequence. 

This occurs because it is human nature to pay attention to introductory data and ignore whatever is presented later. 

Fragrance Relates To Traveler Holidays

Selected fragrances from Sani Air become imprinted in a traveler’s brain, creating positive memories associated with the place the fragrance was first experienced. 

When traveling during the holiday season, scents of cinnamon, clove, pine, and peppermint conjure memories of past holidays and envelop the traveler in a sense of nostalgia as well as subtly forming an association and loyalty to the hotel or motel brand.

Scent Can Positively Affect Sales

Strategically placed ambient scents in food and beverage areas of hotels and motels often affect consumer behavior because food aromas enhance salivation and feelings of hunger. 

In a retail shop or other related business, scent increases lingering time, elevates mood and enjoyment levels and improves the general quality of a service encounter.

Fragrance Is Linked To A Traveler’s Level of Satisfaction

This is especially true when it comes to housekeeping-related services. 

This is because while a room may have the appearance of being clean, it can feel as if it isn’t because the aromas of the former occupant still linger in the air. 

Housekeeping staff must be diligent about making sure rooms are smell-worthy before guests even open the door.

Fragrance Presents Upselling Opportunities That Can Boost Sales

Always seeking an avenue to increase traffic and sales every time a traveler crosses their threshold, hotels and motels often employ the concept of upselling in their daily practices. 

This entails learning how to persuade a customer to buy something else in addition to what they are ready to purchase without being obnoxious. 

This requires subtlety. It could be offering the sale of products tinged with a signature scent, such as soaps shampoos or even stationery that retains the hotel’s telltale fragrance. 

While it may not work every time, it does work often and can provide a significant boost to overall sales.

Our 5 Most Popular Motel And Hotel Lobby Scents

The following represent a sampling of some of our most popular fragrances for hotels and motels.

Aloe Blossom

This cleansing, light and refreshing bouquet is marked by top notes of sharp, invigorating citrus and green herbs. 

These facets drift into a floral middle note featuring sensual and intense night-blooming jasmine, fresh, sugary and slightly pungent coriander, dewy, herbal aloe and sweet, green clover. 

A green and sappy base note completes this calming, soothing scent.

Apple Jack

The moniker of this classic fall/winter scent dates back to colonial times when apple brandy was made via the process of freeze distillation or “jacking.” 

It is a flavorful blend of apple brandy comprised of Winesap apples and neutral grain spirits. 

The fragrance opens with a top note marked by facets of cozy, inviting cinnamon stick, warm, mulled apple cider and minty, fresh and cooling menthol. 

These aspects soon surrender to a spicy middle note heart of fruity cinnamon, sweet, piquant and hot clove, herbal, waxy and fruity apple skins. A base note of warm ground cinnamon, slightly metallic cream of tartar and elegant, vanilla-nuanced cream cheese icing completes this fragrance.

Laundry Fresh

This unique formulation captures fleeting summer moments and conjures images of clotheslines and sheets fastened with wooden clothes-pins swaying in a soft, languid breeze. 

It opens with a top note of fresh, clean laundry, soft cotton and refreshing cool water. 

These elements soon fade into a heart note featuring woody, floral violet, sweet, bitter, salty and sour anise seed and the skin of crisp apples. 

A musky, powdery driftwood base note completes this nostalgic scent. 

Fresh Raine

Evoking the deep, natural darkness of a forest night after a rainfall, this invigorating fragrance opens with a top note of soft, dry cotton, woody, green fir needle/pine, sour-sweet lemon and sharp lime zest. 

These aspects soon meld into a heart note of sugary, powdery and woody night-blooming violet, earthy, musky and fresh rain and sea-inspired aqua marine. The scent completes with a base note of dark and sensual patchouli.


This tropical scent whispers of leafy, emerald lagoons and the shimmering white sands of far away places. 

It opens with streams of almond nuances, sweet and piquant cherry, green, spicy strawberry and milky, lush coconut. 

These aspects fuse into a floral heart note featuring fresh, sweet orange blossom, dusty violet and clear, leafy and green waterlily. 

Base notes of woody, elegant vanilla and creamy rich caramel complete this enticing fragrance.

Why Companies Increasingly Turn To Sani-Air

Also known as California Scents Professional and API Associated Products, we are known for cutting edge air-diffusion odor control systems and fragrance oil refills that are specifically geared to the needs of the ambient scenting, janitorial and sanitation industries.

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Commercial Air Freshener Fragrances

Our philosophy, work ethic and success are largely the result of our fundamental belief that we have only come as far as yesterday’s accomplishments have taken us, and tomorrow and thereafter, our goals must be set even higher.

For hotels and motels as well as other industries that interface with the public-at-large, company bathrooms can make or break the impact of that first impression.

Our expertise, advanced, top-of-the-line commercial air-care systems coupled with real time experience and cutting edge, patented diffusion technologies merge to create products and services that are the best they have ever been. 

We can accomplish any desired olfactory goal that can be envisioned by the grandest or smallest hotel or motel and have been for decades.

In Conclusion

If you own or operate an ambient scenting, janitorial and sanitation company that services a home or motel, call our teams today to explore our many air freshener and odor control options!

Final thoughts about the power of smell: Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived.-Helen Keller

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