Triple-Strength Metered Aerosols

Why Triple-Strength Metered Aerosols Are The Most Effective

There are an endless array of single strength aerosol products in the marketplace, but none compare to the performance of our triple-strength metered aerosols.

The following are seven reasons why —

    • They Provide Superior Instant Air-Freshening Performance
    • They Provide 3 Times More Fragrance Than Other Brands
    • Our Triple Strength Aerosols Offer Superior Value
    • They Offer Automatic Bursts of Fragrance
    • The Come In 7 Unique Fragrance Options
    • All Fragrances Are Manufactured In-House in the USA

Read on for more on each of these six reasons, a brief history of aerosols, what they are exactly and descriptions of each of our most popular aerosol fragrances!

Tripple Strenght Metered Aerosols

A Brief History Of Aerosols

Aerosols have been evolving over the course of the last hundred years. 

The idea of using low-pressure liquefied gas to atomize droplets of liquid in the air was first developed in 1924, but it was never used until the 1940s, when during World War II, scientists working for the U.S. Department of Agriculture developed the principle of pressurized insect spray, which developed the container used by American troops to fight malaria by killing mosquitoes in the South Pacific. 

Shortly after the war, in 1953, the first mass-produced aerosol valve was invented, which brought about the rapid development of aerosols both in the United States and around the world. 

Over the years, refinements to containers, valves, propellants and formulas evolving via the industrial expertise of companies such as Sani-Air, have broadened the range of aerosol products and widened consumer acceptance.

According to the Government Regulation 194/2001 Coll, “ An aerosol dispenser is a can designed for single use made of metal, glass or plastic, which contains compressed, liquefied or dissolved gas under pressure, alone or mixed with a liquid, paste or powder, with a cap, which allows the discharge of the contents as the mixture of solid or liquid particles in a gas as a foam, paste, powder or in liquid form.”

What Exactly Are Metered Aerosols? 

Metered aerosols are a pre-measured dosing valve, which allows a preset amount of product to be dispensed.

They dispense a spray generally every 15 minutes when used in an automatic dispensing mechanism, which be equipped with a built-in indicator light. This light serves as an alert when the aerosol canister needs to be replaced.

Metered aerosol systems work extremely well in many commercial and institutional settings including: restrooms, schools, hotels, restaurants, condos, co-ops and apartment buildings.

Explore our Metered Aerosol Dispenser.

The spray substance, which is a fine mist, is propelled safely and efficiently via a valve, dispensing fragrance and odor neutralizers.

In the world of ambient air care, their purpose is manifold and constantly evolving.

Who Exactly Is Sani-Air International?

Sani-Air International is a unique commercial enterprise that services scent-marketing suppliers, hygiene and Jan San Supply companies. 

Also known as California Scents Professional and API Associated Products, our innovative air-diffusion systems and fragrance oil refills are mostly geared to the needs of the ambient scenting, janitorial and sanitation industries.

Commercial Air Freshener Fragrances

With a proven track record that spans more than 70 years, our hand-crafted fragrances are all sustainable and proudly made in the United States of America.

Advanced, top-of-the-line commercial air-care systems coupled with real time experience and cutting edge patented diffusion technologies fuse to create products that can accomplish any olfactory goal that can be envisioned via our 85,000 square-foot manufacturing facility situated in suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Both a leader and pioneer in automated environmental air freshening and odor neutralizing solutions, API Associated Products, and our well-know product lines, Sani-Air and California Scents Professional, are solidly based on a proven track record that spans more than 70 years.


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We are a leader within the ambient air care industry. 

There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is our unparalleled customer service and hard-earned market reputation for providing superior products. 

Another positive factor concerns our prices, which are the most cost effective available anywhere within the ambient air-care and odor-control product marketplace.

Our customers are extremely loyal and reorder faithfully.

Our line of California Scents Professional Aerosol Sprays includes some of our most popular fragrances, which are noted below.

These scents allow the user to customize the freshness experience with superior performance.

Caribbean Mango

This floral/ fruity fragrance is the epitome of the lush, tropical scent. 

Opening with a redolent stream of succulent, sugary strawberry, vibrant cheerful and aromatic lemon peel and sweet fruity wild berry, these elements soon morph into a fragrant heart note of peachy, mellow and full-bodied plum, rich, exotic and banana-tinged ylang and warm, piquant cinnamon. 

The scent completes with a base note featuring lush and elegant vanilla. 

Cinnamon Apple

A fragrance evoking thoughts of falling leaves, autumn winds and colorful, dynamic landscapes, this scent combines crisp green apple and spicy, powdery and inviting cinnamon with facets of sharp, clove-like allspice and nutty and pungent nutmeg. 

The scent finishes with a base note dominated by rich and full-bodied vanilla bean.

Citrus Splash

This invigorating fragrance opens with a burst of uplifting grapefruit, succulent refreshing orange, honeyed, sugary tangerine and green, spicy strawberry. 

A fruit-berry heart note bouquet soon follows marked by elements of mellow, smooth plum, tangy, ammoniac black currant and crisp, ripe green apple. 

Base notes of creamy, dusty sandalwood, woody nuanced and piquant raspberry and lush and elegant vanilla complete this formulation.

Coronado Cherry

This clean forest scent captures and immortalizes the essence of fresh-picked, sweet-tart cherries. 

Opening with a top note tinged with tart and bitter almond nuances, a candy like allure blends with a heart note of floral, powdery violet, and ultimately cedes to a finishing note of sugary, cozy and comforting vanilla.

Desert Jasmine

This captivating fragrance made from the finest scented oils blends the sweet earthy and piquant character of the natural desert with the deeply sensual and narcotic aspects of intense and haunting jasmine. 

Undertones of spicy, woody leafy green facets and smooth and full bodied mixed fruit complete this beguiling fragrance.

Monterey Vanilla

Intense and intriguing, this scent is composed of fragrance oils containing the pure citrus extract from succulent orange, sour, sweet lemon and clean, sharp lime and fruity aspects of velvety peach and crisp apple. 

Elegant, lush and noble vanilla dominate and complete this compelling fragrance.

Popular Aerosol Fragrances

Why Our Metered Aerosols Are The Most Effective

The Sani-Air Triple-Strength Metered Aerosol Air Freshener Dispensers are the preferred choice of janitorial and sanitation companies all over the world. Some of the reasons are noted below. 

They Provide Superior Instant Air-Freshening Performance

Due to the fact that Sani-Air uses only the most superior quality fragrance oils, the refills for their metered aerosols are the most powerful found anywhere on the ambient air-care market.

They Provide 3 Times More Fragrance Than Other Brands

We guarantee that our metered aerosols, which can be set to spray every 7.5, 15 or 30 minutes and in day, night, and 24 hours time settings, will out perform all others significantly. 

They represent the preferred choice of janitorial and sanitation companies all over the world. 

The universal spray actuator nozzle provides 30 days of continuous deodorization and their larger 7 ounce refills offer a full service cycle and a much higher fragrance load.

Our Triple Strength Aerosols Offer Superior Value

Given the amount of fragrance our triple strength aerosols contain, they provide the most value found anywhere within the ambient air-care industry. 

They Offer Automatic Bursts of Fragrance

Sprays can be set to go off for every 7.5, 15 or 30 minutes and are an easy and convenient way to keep areas smelling continually clean and fresh.

They Come In 7 Unique Fragrance Options

Delineated above, the various scents offered by Sani-Air’s line of California Scents Professional aerosol sprays can be used for a variety of moods and themes.

All Fragrances Are Manufactured In-House in the USA

This is an important factor beyond the warm and fuzzy patriotic feeling that comes from supporting an American company. 

Over an extended  period of time, this promotes the economy and reduces the unemployment rate. 

The balance of supply and demand for American-made goods increases exponentially as more and more consumers purchase American-made products. 

It is also important because it concerns the guaranteed quality of the essential oils used in scent formulation, all of which are endorsed by the FDA under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

In Conclusion

Our reputation within the industry for producing the most popular and effective scenting and deodorizing products is unsurpassed.

If you are at the owner of a Jan San, hygiene or scent marketing company, contact our team today and experience our excellent line of fragrances and metered aerosols.


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