Stinky Dogs? Why Our Products Are A Must For Kennels

Discover why our products are an indispensable addition to kennels and how our innovative solutions not only ensure a clean and hygienic environment but also promote the well-being of pets. From advanced air purification to odor control, Sani-Air products redefine standards for pet kennel facilities and the scent marketing, hygiene and janitorial supply companies that service them.


Bad odors bother both humans and their beloved pets. A dog may be man’s best friend, but a stinky dog by any other name is still…well…a stinky dog.

The bigger picture, however, is not at all poetic and concerns why this is so and what commercial kennels do about it.

Any type of facility that services animals and their health has to deal with the problem of malodors, such as urine and feces, which can leave residual smells even if they are cleaned up immediately.

Pet Odor Control Products

Spills are known to seep into surrounding materials, such as plastic kennels and bedding, which must be cleaned regularly.

Moisture too can be a terrible problem and a serious threat to animal health because it provides a viable breeding ground for both the growth and spread of dangerous bacteria.

The situation behooves kennels and pet facility owners to maintain a hygienic environment for both employees and the cherished pets entrusted to their care. 

That being said, the job is never easy and odor control can be an on enormous problem. For Sani-Air, this is all we do and have been doing for more than seven decades.

Our arsenal of tools go far beyond conventional cleaning products and mops, which only serve to disperse pathogens all over the place. 

For vaporous and residual odors such as urine and feces, simple soap and water and over-the-counter disinfectants are weak and ineffective.

Powerful neutralizers are required, such as the one and only Metazene, a colorless, odorless additive that destroys foul odors via a chemical reaction, killing them dead forever.

Stinky smelling dogs also need to be bathed on a regular basis, but their bad odors can arise from other factors as well.

Pet Odor Control For Kennels

A funky odor can develop if an animal is suffering from bacterial infections, skin inflammations, impacted anal glands, dental issues and of course, gas. 

Relevant Statistics

Whether they serve to soothe troubled spirits or provide a buffer from loneliness and despair, pets are inextricably linked to their human owners.

Current research has indicated that 85% of dog owners and 76% of cat owners consider their pets to be a member of the family.

According to Forbes Advisor, pet ownership has increased considerably since the 1980s, rising from 56% of US households in 1988 to 66% (86.9 million homes) in 2023.

More than sixty-five million households have at least one dog, making them the most popular pet in the United States (stinky or otherwise).

Commercial and Scent Marketing Benefits of Scenting A Kennel

Removing residual odors from a commercial kennel is almost like a wonder drug when it comes to improving a business model and that all important bottom line. 

For one thing, a pleasant ambient scent reduces a potential customer’s anxiety about the cleanliness of a facility and how well that will translate into care for their beloved pet.

This occurs because the smell of urine and feces represents both an unhygienic hygienic environment and a serious risk of disease and stress for the animals.

Customers are likely to return to a facility if their pets return home safe, happy and sweet smelling.

API Associated Products and their well-known trademarks, Sani-Air International and California Scents Professional, utilize cutting edge technologies to bring a myriad of new and exciting air freshening products  and fragrances to the scent marketing, hygiene and janitorial supply industries.

Our Best Fragrance Options For Kennel Environments

First and foremost, we have one of the largest selection of fragrance options in the industry, but there are some more ideal and more effective for kennels. They include Raine, which covers urine smells very well; fresh citrus; lemon; lemon twist citrus blast and Lavender.

Some additional solutions we offer for pet odor control are featured below:

The Mega Fresh Odor Neutralizer System

This odor neutralizer is ideal for eliminating odors in large pet containment facilities of up to 50,000 cubic feet.

Soap, water and disinfectants are simply no match for vaporous and residual odors like urine and feces.

This patented, two-phase wicking system controls the rate of neutralizing release for 30 to 60 days, and it features the colorless additive, Metazene, which attacks odors on a molecular level, sending them on a one-way trip to kingdom come.

An internal wick feeds an external one and the machine can function easily either without forced air (passively) or with the Aroma Beam diffuser, which effectively targets the scenting of diffused air for such large areas.

Floor fans greatly intensify the effect of the Mega Fresh system, which utilizes Scentsia cartridge refills to treat malodors in enclosed areas of kennels, hallways, entry ways and reception areas.

The Scatter Granulated Odor Counteractant

Ideal for direct contact applications on fecal matter, urine and into dumpsters, scatter granules effectively control and freshen airborne malodors.

This triple phase, odor control system is sustained by the neutralizer, Metazene, and contains granules that are specifically designed to control animal-related odors in kennels, barns and other malodorous sites. 

It should be applied liberally on and around affected areas and after use swept up into plastic trash bags and disposed of properly.

These granules are very versatile and can also be utilized in wall-mounted fixtures that are installed around interiors and above areas of animal access. The spent granules must be vacuumed out before being replenished.

Zorb-It-All Spill Absorber And Odor Neutralizer

Capable of absorbing more than 100 times its own weight, this incredibly potent product transforms into an instant gel the moment it is applied to all water-borne animal bodily fluids, such as blood, urine, and vomit.

It serves to instantly neutralize and deodorize hard surfaces, simultaneously leaving a natural, minty odor and equalizing malodors. Sustainable, easy to use, sweep up and dispose of, Zorb-It-all is a must-have Sani-Air product in all pet care facilities.

Enz-O-Matic Biological Organic Waste Degrader

Protein-related malodors, which are often very difficult to eradicate, are no match for this waste degrader and odor neutralizer that contains more than two billion bacterial cultures per single gallon of concentrate.

They are a type of protein produced by various organisms that safely degrade all organic wastes. These cultures simultaneously combine force with fragrance, which is customized to freshen surrounding air.

In the case of commercial kennels, this high tech solution works wonders on fabrics, mats, pet beds and carpets, it can also be applied via hand sprayer for use in entryways and reception areas. 

In Conclusion

Any facility catering to pet care must tackle the problem of persistent odor control.

The above-menrtioned solutions, whether powdered, granular or vapor-phased, are guaranteed to significantly improve surroundings for both clientele and precious animals.

Call Sani-Air today and discover the many ways in which we can greatly improve the quality of ambient scenting and odor control within any commercial environment.

The nevermore stinky dogs will thank you too.

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