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How Our Odor Control Products Make Trash Smell Great!

Since the beginning of human civilization, trash has always been there and it has always smelled. As early as 3,000 BC in Knossos, Crete people dug holes to bury refuse, which they then covered with dirt.

Modern civilization and technological innovations have greatly improved trash disposable methods, but eliminating its smell seems always to be a work in progress.

The ambient scenting market is flooded with over the counter options, but for superior odor control, there is nothing that does the job better than the products developed by Sani-Air.

For those who may wonder exactly why trash smells so bad, there are definite answers. It is, in the end, much better to know because that knowledge becomes a tool in a kind of know-your-enemy way.

Garbage smells because of the decomposition process and all of the bacteria that feed on rotting matter. Different materials decompose differently and have diverse odors.

Decomposing food scraps, for-example, attract microbes that multiply, feed on the rotting waste and release foul-smelling chemicals such as:phosphorus, nitrogen and carbon.

Trash can also smell badly from bio-degradable items such as leaves, yard clippings and grass and by dog waste, which is a particularly smelly affair because it has a foul odor all its own before it even mingles with other trash in a bin or can.

Sani-Air International History And Products

Sani Air has undergone several name changes over the course of the last almost seven decades.

Known once as California Scents Professional and API Associated Products, their proven track record as a leading purveyor of air-diffusion systems, odor control products and fragrance oil refills has remained unchanged over the course of almost seven decades.

Sani-Air does stand alone within the ambient scenting marketplace because it does not service end user commercial enterprises and focuses exclusively on the odor-control needs of jan san companies and scent marketing suppliers. 

How Trash Can Smell Much Better

Fragrance refills and diffusers all play a part in greatly improving the smell of trash in modern life. Sani-Air’s Aroma Styler is a perfect example of cutting edge technology at work.

This ambient scenting diffuser is as powerful as it is easy to use. Constructed from sturdy and light aluminum, this diffuser connects easily to any existing HVAC system and comes in three convenient application sizes; The Alpha for areas up to 10,500 cubic feet; The Beta for spaces up to 21,000 cubic feet and The Gamma for up to a whopping 63,000 cubic feet.

The Aroma Styler’s cutting edge technology converts liquid scent into dry, vaporous, very fine, micro particles that are 50 microns or less in size. These molecules are immediately diffused into open space, and they create an indiscernible vapor that drifts evenly across it.

It is is the perfect diffuser for ambient scenting, controlling malodors and improving indoor air quality for both large and small areas.

Other products that make trash smell a lot better include: The Trash and Dumpster Spray, Fresh Straps, Scatter and Mega Fresh products. More on each follows below.

The Trash And Dumpster Spray

This highly effective indoor eliminator spray is ideal for serious and persistent trash odor problems. Made in the USA, as are all Sani Air products, this commercial strength odor destroyer is sprayed directly on trash in dumpsters, trash chutes and compactors.

Trash And Dumpster Spray Odor Control

Cost-effective, each large bottle contains 12 fluid ounces and provides up to 750 sprays. It  is very easy to use and has three unique scents to choose from. 

Fresh Straps

Theses straps are specifically deigned to release the most intense fragrance possible. Although originally formulated for use in portable toilets, these patented polymer straps can effectively provide intense odor control anywhere.

Where they can hang, they can work. Their polymer base is highly absorbent, which by its very nature permits a slower evaporation time for fragrances and neutralizers than any other polymer or similar product on the market today.

Air Freshener Fresh Straps

This allows for continued release and longevity of scent as well as the discharge of lingering fragrance for up to 60 days.

The fresh strap edge over their competitors lies in the fact that they contain Metazene, which is by far the world’s most powerful neutralizing additive. This non-formaldehyde, vapor phase neutralizer permanently eradicates the most stubborn of malodors from industrial and commercial space of all sizes, shapes and types.


Specifically created for heavy duty applications, these special pellets developed by Sani Air are the toughest in town and no trash of any kind from industrial or municipal waste landfills, sewage treatment plants, dumpsters or compactors can withstand their incredible neutralizing power.

Scatter Odor Control Granules

These pellets absorb spills and instantly neutralize malodors via Metazene. They couldn’t be easier to apply to any affected area and are available in cherry or bubblegum fragrances.

They are also bio degradable and V.O.C compliant, which translates into a substance that adheres to government regulations concerning volatile organic compounds.’

Mega Fresh Products  

These include but are not limited to linkable, highs potency odor-control diffusers, which are ideal for the elimination of intense trash related malodors, easily dilutable and versatile Water Sol odor control concentrates for use in a variety of applications, and Ultra Deo Base, each five gallon pail of which contains everything needed to produce 55 gallons of high quality deodorant concentrate for spray, mop water and cleaning use.

4 Sani Air Fragrances That Obliterate Bad Trash Odors

All of the following square fragrances can be used in the API-2000 unit or the ProMaster MVP diffuser machine.


Cherry-cranberry is very desirable because it counteracts septic odors best and in liquid form is much more potent than powder.

It is also Sani Air’s BOB fragrance, meaning it is a giant wafer that hangs near or in a dumpster or trash room or anywhere else it may be needed. Potent, sweet and tart, cherry also retains a bitter almond nuance that balances its character.

Sour, tart, floral and  rosy cranberry perfectly complements the cherry elements, providing a delightfully pleasant synthesis of scent. 


Bubbly and bright, this uplifting fragrance opens with top notes streaming with  fruity, berry elements and a burst of volatile, organic compounds.

A floral/fruity heart note soon takes hold, featuring facets of powdery, sugary violet and woody-nuanced and tangy, raspberry. This memorable scent completes with a dry down dominated by dark, rich, warm and sweet vanilla musk.


Potent and uplifting, this Sani Air fragrance evokes the “feel” of the dark forest after a rainfall. Head notes stream with facets of soft, powdery cotton, woody, green fir needle, refreshing, minty pine, fresh lemon and sharp lime zest.

These aspects soon drift into a heart note of dusty, sugary and woody night blooming violet, earthy ozonic and pleasing fresh rain and salty, briny aqua marine. A dark, sensual dry down of patchouli competes this compelling fragrance. 


This deodorant square fragrance is marked by aspects of lush, elegant and strong vanilla balanced with rich floral facets. It is potent, pleasing and memorable.

In conclusion

Trash will never be a sweet smelling entity, but in these modern times, its unpleasantness can be greatly reduced and become much less of a problem.

Sani Air products are the result of of cutting edge technology and innovation, and they can transform any rash problem into a pleasant-smelling solution.

Try some of our products today. You will be happy tomorrow!

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