Summer Fragrances

Summer Fragrances – Our Most Popular Summertime Scents

Summer fragrances occur naturally as the result of potent chemical compounds containing specific properties that captivate our senses and affect our emotions. 

These bouquets can simulate everything from a meadow drenched in the perfume of summer wildflowers to woody, tropical or fruity accents that serve to offset the moist, stickiness that always accompanies high heat.

Citrus Summer Fragrances

Specifically formulated to last longer than scents designated for other times of the year, they tend to evaporate more intensely and often contain facets of sunny and marine notes, invigorating citrus, sugary, woody berries, and heady, romantic and feminine white floral.

Summery scents present a challenge for our perfumers at Sani Air because they have two specific criteria; namely an increased evaporation rate and the ability to linger for a longer period of time, which are aspects that can often be at odds with each other.

Coconut Summer Fragrances

The creative conundrum centers around the fact that a fragrance that is intense enough to offset summer body odors is likely to contain a high alcohol content, which limits its duration, and a lingering fragrance is usually too subtle to qualify as a summer scent.

Qualities That Determine An Effective Summer Fragrance


Summer fragrances are known to contain fruity (tropical) and citrus notes as well as natural or synthetic facets that mimic a citrus scent.

The Power of The Note

The underlying question is: Can this fragrance be discerned even at distance? If so, then it is better suited for the warmer months of the year because its notes will automatically mask body odor.

Although no substitute for deodorant, a fragrance with this quality is helpful when both temperatures and humidity are high.


Eight hours of longevity is a fair expectation for any summer fragrance of quality.

Ultimately, any fragrance can qualify as being suited for summer if it has a wide reach, longevity, and notes that are reminiscent of the ocean, colorful, sweet-smelling blooms and an abundance of fruits of all kinds.

Perfume Notes Associated With Summer Fragrances


Known for its sweet freshness and its clean, spicy and complex orange nuanced elements, the peel of this fruit is very popular in summer perfume because of its pleasing, piquant elements.


While not commonly popular as a stand alone facet, when black currant is added to citrus and floral base fragrances it creates another olfactory dimension. It is particularly potent when it becomes a component of rose-infused scents and renders them sweet and romantic.


Sweet, creamy and exotic, coconut is always linked to summer because it is usually the main ingredient found in sun tan lotions.

It is very versatile and can range  in scent from fresh and pearly to nutty and warm.

It is often blended with lush and elegant vanilla, which results in the ultimate tropical fragrance ideal for sultry summer nights and dazzling days by the ocean. 


An ubiquitous scent that is very commonly found in summer fragrances, it combines well with lush vanilla, dreamy rose and milky coconut. It is known to promote feelings of cleanliness, freshness and warmth.


A blend of two popular summer facets; namely floral and citrus notes, this exotic flower makes a perfect light, floral and somewhat bitter heart note that is often found in summer scents created by Sani-Air.


Romance blooms in an elegant English garden bursting with colorful blooms, and when rose is added to a summer fragrance, its healing properties install positive and warm thoughts and its dreamy musky aspects inspire romance and intimacy. 

Spiced Mint

Mint when used in summer scents should always be perfectly balanced with the level of spicy elements in a composition. The spice blends harmoniously into the mint, improving its scent and efficacy.


Vanilla is a unique ingredient because it is used in perfumes for every season of the year.

It is often known for its inclusion in heavier winter scents involving cinnamon and clove, but also adds an exotic, sweet and light touch when fused into lighter, floral, coconut and citrusy summery scents.

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Delivering the experience of freshness via fragrance is vital to promoting proper hygiene in public places.

6 Of Our Most Popular Summer Fragrances

The following list represents just a sampling of most popular fragrances.

Citrus Blast

This fresh-picked, potent and slightly sweet citrus blend is refreshing, zingy and laden with a lust for life in all its forms.


This fresh and somewhat sugary fragrance is reminiscent of a summer fruit salad eaten al fresco amid soft breezes drifting through warm, languid air.


This fruity fragrance is a delightful, exotic amalgam of sweet, succulent pineapple and nuances of creamy coconut.


A tropical delight, this scent is all encompassed by facets of sugary, succulent waxy and fruity pineapple.


This fruit inspired fragrance is dominated by elements of juicy, sweet, green and spicy strawberries.

Tropical Fruit

This delightful mixture of fruit and  berries streams with opening facets tinged with almond, sugary and tangy cherry, juicy, green and spicy strawberry and milky, lush and exotic coconut.

These aspects soon drift into a floral heart note bouquet marked by elements of fresh, sugary orange blossom, woody violet, and clear, leafy and green waterlily.

This beguiling  scent completes with a base note featuring facets of lush, elegant and noble vanilla and creamy, rich caramel.

In Conclusion

So call our teams today and see how we can help your company impart a fragrant message to all your customers!

We can help keep your business smelling fresh, clean and properly sanitized. at all times.

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