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7 Ambient Scents For Medical Facilities and Nursing Homes

While scent marketing might appear to be a phenomenon limited to the world of retail and commerce and geared to influencing consumer behavior, it has also earned a sweet smelling place and respect within the realm of medical and nursing care facilities.

The right scent in the right location can do wonders with easing patient anxiety and creating positive moods and attitudes.

It can also aid in neutralizing malodors with our automated, environmental air freshening and odor neutralizing solutions. 

Some of the more popular ambient fragrances found in these types of facilities include: invigorating citrus, soothing, mellow lavender, powdery, soft and almond-nuanced heliotrope and lush and noble vanilla.

Soothing fragrances for medical facilities

Relevant Studies And Statistics

Scents are specifically chosen for medical facilities and nursing homes because they are conducive to treatment and have been previously established as beneficial to both care and treatment objectives.

A study conducted back in 1994 that examined magnetic resonance imaging {MRI} indicated that when the scent of heliotrope was introduced, 57 outpatients reported 63% less anxiety than those patients who were exposed to unscented humidified air.

In a Florida hospital, exposure to vanilla yielded a reduction in the need for sedation and procedure cancellation rates.

Consumatics, a Dutch research firm specializing in sub-conscious behavior, conducted a recent study into seven senior care facilities. Results indicated that when the scent of fresh bread was introduced both before and during meal times, malnutrition levels decreased by 5%.

A 2008 University of Miami Miller School of Medicine study involved the use of lavender bath oil in infant baths. Mothers of babies treated with lavender bath oil were more relaxed and bonded well with their children. The infants treated with lavender cried less and slept more after bathing.

For patients in nursing homes, there is an additional factor that must be addressed by responsible owners and managers who understand the association between their residents’ emotional states and their physical health.

Scents For Medical Facilities

Hospital stays are usually temporary, but those residing in nursing homes are there for the duration of their lives and they are not as happy as those seniors who live with their families. This intangible yet pervasive realization accounts for depression and emotional fragility, which can greatly influence health and well being.

One important, but perhaps little known and unexpected connection of scent to personal well-being concerns malnutrition, which is particularly dangerous to a vulnerable, elderly population.

Research indicates that ten percent of people over the age of 65 are affected by malnutrition, and that the introduction of scent in nursing homes that comply with International Fragrance Association safety standards can enhance the meal experience and evoke positive feelings of belonging and comfort. 

Sani Air International Solving Bad Odors

Malodors anywhere within assisted living facilities can create stressful displeasure among residents and very negative first impressions to both visitors and potential clientele. Crisp, uplifting diffused fragrances gently soothe bruised moods and promote serenity.

The folks at Sani-Air are often called upon to provide strategically chosen scents that are suited for their particular ambiance, commercial-grade ambient scent machines and odor neutralizing solutions that alleviate anxiety, enhance feelings of comfort and trigger pleasant memories of a life well lived.

The Sani-Air and California Scents Professional lines of high quality air freshening systems, refills and odor controlling products have a proven track record of superior reliability that spans almost eighty years.

In tandem, “Sani-Air” and “Cal-Scents” offer air freshening machines that perform at the most cost-effective prices in the industry, and the most innovative and advanced cutting edge technologies, which formulate and supply a vast array of fragrance oil refills to the ambient scenting, janitorial and sanitation industries.

Professional scent marketing suppliers and jan san companies from all over the globe know and trust that we will always deliver the best results.

Our philosophy, work ethic and success are largely the result of the consistent belief that they have only come as far as yesterday’s accomplishments have taken them, which translates into an eternal tomorrow when the bar must be set even higher.

Our product development team, chemists and full-scale perfumery and quality control staff members are always pushing that proverbial envelope to surpass their competitors by researching new avenues in scent production via extensive study and seamless collaboration with experts in the field.

Our Most Popular Scents For Medical Facilities

The master perfumers at Sani-Air International are always formulating new and different fragrance trends that can accommodate any liquid or dry vapor ambient scenting application, including medical facilities and nursing homes. Below are a few favorites.

Aloe Blossom 

A fresh, cool sea-inspired scent tinged with the whisper of herbs, this Sani-Air fragrance square wafer features a lush, rich and mysterious frangapani bouquet blended with green, cleansing and herbal aloe notes. It is a calming fragrance that promotes clarity, vitality and a sense of calm and well-being. 

Fresh Citrus

Always fresh and never overpowering, a citrus perfume is characterized by its zesty fresh facets of clean lemon, sharp lime, uplifting grapefruit and/or succulent orange, which are highly desirable especially during the warmer months of the year.

Citrus essential oils are used to scent many natural and popular home cleaning products. Bring that experience into your nursing home or medical facility every day with Sani-Air’s fresh citrus scent.

Fresh Laundry 

Clean, potent and long lasting, this fragrance says fresh and hygienic like no other. Colored sheets swaying in a soft breeze on a lazy, sun-kissed summer afternoon float serenely across the landscape of the mind’s all seeing eye.

Streaming facets of soft, clean cotton and refreshing cool water open this summery scent, which soon drift into a heart note of woody, dusty violet, sweet, bitter, salty and sour anise seed and crisp apple skin. A musky, powdery driftwood base note completes this memorable fragrance. 

Garden Lavender

Lavender varieties grown in gardens can either be English or French in origin. As far as perfumery goes, the fragrance from English lavender foliage is stronger and more valued for their aromas than French varieties, which exudes a more subtle fragrance.

Both are suitable for medical and nursing room settings because they are floral, soothing, sweet and mellow and serve to induce feelings of calm and serenity. 


Streaming with a top note marked by facets of delicate, floral, serene and sugary lavender, these elements soon drift into a heart note bouquet brimming with aspects of earthy, rosy and green geranium.

This Sani-Air fragrance completes with a soft, woody base note. In hospital and nursing room settings, lavender is well known for easing the symptoms associated with anxiety and stress and for its ability to decrease heart rate.


This sweet and earthy fragrance symbolizes new beginnings and all things fresh and clean. Delicate, fresh and earthy, this scent streams with opening notes featuring traces of invigorating citrus and newly-mown hay.

These aspects soon stream into a floral heart note bouquet  featuring woody-nuanced, green and rich lavender, dusty, romantic rose and earthy, savory and nutty sage. This scent completes with a base note laden with aspects of sensual musk and dry, somber cedar.


Named after the city of Tangier in Morocco, which has been exporting tangerines since 1841, fresh, sweet and citrusy tangerine and mandarin are basically interchangeable.

They are both known for their uplifting affect and tangy, savory and spicy character, which is laced with touches of light, floral and bitter neroli. Tangerine is a frequent choice for perfumers seeking a top note bursting with force and energy.

In Conclusion

Although we are internationally recognized as experts in the development of air-freshener and odor-control systems, our name can also be found in most local business directories, including the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce.


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If you are a scent marketing, hygiene or janitorial supply company, or an owner or manager of either a medical facility or nursing home and seeking new ways to elicit comfort and reduce anxiety among either your patients or your residents, give our teams a call today!

You will be delighted to see how they can transform your particular setting into an ambiance of comfort and serenity.

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